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In 2018, Off-Season Hoops, Inc. awarded a $500 scholarship to two deserving Student-Athletes who particpated in the 2017-18 Merrimack Valley Girls' High School Fall Basketball League.

The Applicant Criteria:

  • Graduating Senior who participated in the league
  • Been accepted or anticipated acceptance into a two   or four year college or university
  • Class Ranking in the top 50% of their school
  • Write a short essay about their most important extracurricular activity / comunity service involvement and what impact their particpation had in the community                                                                         

Arakelow Scholarship

Lococo Scholarship

2017-18 Scholarship Winners

2017-18 Scholarship Winner Biography

Ellalandra Arakelow is a senior at Haverhill High School and was instrumental in creating a unique Club at her school. After tearing ligaments in her ankle during the 2016-17 season, Ellalandra found herself supporting her teammates from the bench and looked for other opportunities to help cope with her injury. Ellalandra noticed unkempt and abandoned courtyards on the school grounds and decided to take some action. She organized a Garden Club and also partnered with some local special needs children. They planted various items around campus. These "green thumb" efforts were recognized in the Massachusetts Teachers Association Magazine. The Club's efforts also won numerous first and second place finishes in local agricultural contests. Ellalandra eventually recovered from her ankle injury and had a successful senior season on the basketball court for the Lady Hillies. She hopes to attend Dusquesne, the University of Florida, or Xavier University of Louisiana in the Fall.

Congratulations Ellalandra for making a difference at school and in the community by partnering with Special Needs children in your Garden Club initiative. You are a role model for others and having a positive impact in the community. 

2017-18 Scholarship Winner Biography

Rebecca LoCoco is a senior at Austin Prep High School and has participated in numerous extracurricular activities starting in her Middle School years. At an early age, Rebecca realized the importance of service to others. She was actively involved in volunteer-based activities with local organizations such as EMARC and the Little Sisters of the Poor. In her high school years, Rebecca has become a board member and volunteer with her town's TOPSoccer program. In this capacity, she has developed deep relationships with children and young adults who suffer from physical or intellectual disabilities. On the basketball court, Rebecca was voted as one of the Captains by teammates for her senior season. She also received a coach's award at the end of the year for her leadership on and off the court. Rebecca plans to pursue her college education at Holy Cross or Bentley.

Congratulations Rebecca for recognizing and understanding the value of community service at an early age. Your contributions and hours of volunteering has already made a difference in numerous lives. Thanks for being a role model for others.

2016-17 Scholarship Winner Biography

Rachel Davies was a senior at North Andover High School in 2016-17 and participated in numerous extracurricular activities over the last few years. She was a Student Ambassador and helped raise money to create care packages for children in third world countries through a club called "Operation Smiles". Rachel was a member of her Parish's Peer Ministry Group and helped underclassmen prepare for the Sacrament of Confirmation by participating in CCD classes, Retreats, and other pre-Confirmation activities. Rachel was a member of the North Andover Girls Varsity Basketball Team for four years, and a Captain of the squad in her senior season. Rachel is continuing her education at Syracuse University.

Congratulations Rachel for your commitment to help others better connect with themselves through their faith. You are a positive role model for others within the community.

2016-17 Scholarship Winner Biography

Jillian Webber was a senior at Andover High School in 2016-17 and involved in multiple extracurricular activities. The most meaningful organization for Jillian was a Non Profit Organization called Project Home Again. Jillian volunteered many hours of her time with this group which collects and organizes donations of all types and gives the items to those in need. By helping others who are less fortunate, Jillian has learned to appreciate what she has in life and intends to keep volunteering her time by having an impact on others. Jillian was a captain on her basketball team this past year and helped her team win the MA North Division State Final. Jillian was deciding between UNC, George Washington, Florida, Auburn, or Miami for her college education.

Congratulations Jillian for your volunteer work and helping others in the community. You are a positive role model and have helped others by showing that you care.

2015-16 Scholarship Winner Biography

Kristen Dougherty was a senior at Methuen High School in 2015-16 and was an active member of numerous Relay for Life Teams to benefit the Amercian Cancer Society since seventh grade. Kristen's father lost his battle with cancer during her freshman year of high school, and she has dedicated many hours of her time raising awareness/money in his memory. She has delivered numerous speeches and continues to share her story with many others who have also had friends/family impacted by cancer. Kristen has personally raised more than $7,000 over the years and was on the Planning Committee for the 2016 Spring Relay for Life event at Methuen High School. Kristen is currently attending the University of Vermont. 

Congratulations Kristen for raising awareness around cancer, taking an active leadership role in our local community, and being a great role model for others.                                                                      

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