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Off-Season Hoops, Inc. offers 18 educational workshops that can have an impact on the lives of our Student-Athletes. Listed below are the workshops currently offered.

Team Building                   60 Minutes

Participate in group activities focusing on getting to know your teammates better. Watch as these activities unify your team by helping them become closer in challenging times.

Goal Setting                       30 Minutes

Work individually and as a team on setting goals. Utilize the S.M.A.R.T. (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time-Tied) approach to help your team achieve their objectives.

Accountability                   30 Minutes

Help individuals and your team be more accountable to themselves and each other. We'll discuss decision-making and how accountability plays a major role in effort, results, and success.


Mental Toughness            30 Minutes

Discuss the attributes needed to persevere through difficult circumstances and emerge without losing confidence. You'll learn the proper way of handling pressure, failure, and pushing yourself to your limits.

Social Media                      30 Minutes

Let's discuss the impact of social media and learn how to use this powerful medium for positive outcomes. You'll understand that postings can be permanent and very public. 

Nutrition                           30 Minutes

Eating healthy plays such a huge role in sports. Take advantage of guidelines and discussion around promoting individual health and reducing the risk of disease through healthy eating and physical activity. 

Sports Health                    30 Minutes

Learn the strategies and take part in the discussion to help protect yourself from dehydration, muscle, mouth, and head injuries. You'll discover the best way to take proactive measures and safety steps to have a healthy season.

Life Skills                            30 Minutes

Team members will discuss and learn some valuable life skills. You'll be exposed to everything needed to be successful and what it takes to thrive in our society after the transition from high school and college.

Personal Safety                30 Minutes

Review and learn some of the fundamental rules of personal safety. Discuss strategies to protect yourself and avoid situations that put you in harm’s way.

Bullying & Hazing              30 Minutes

Know the difference between these two inappropriate behaviors as we discuss the dynamics and tactics involved. You'll discover that bullying is about exclusion while hazing  is about inclusion.

Personal Image                  30 Minutes

Discuss the impact of first impressions around appearance, behavior, and communication skills. You'll receive tips to enhance your physical appearance, strengthen interpersonal skills, as well as etiquette skills.

Coaching Styles               30 Minutes

Discuss your coach’s coaching style and explore strategies on how to best relate to his/her methods of instruction. Understand everyone's expectations and learn to facilitate appropriate dialogue to achieve your goals.

Celebrating Success        30 Minutes

Reflect and celebrate recent or past success while also identifying some valuable lessons learned. Discuss reactions, feelings, how situations were handled, and then brainstorm how things could have been different.

Official Time                     30 Minutes

A patched referee will clarify and discuss recent rule changes. Take advantage of this opportunity to ask questions and learn what officials are thinking during the games.


Business Success           30 Minutes

Learn what it takes to be successful after basketball. You'll have an opportunity to listen to the advice of an established businessperson from the community and discover how their experience playing sports lead them to a successful career.

Spiritual Enlightenment    30 Minutes

Bring your team together and have them participate in a faith experience and enrichment. Prior planning is required to determine your group's unique expectations.

Team Meal                          30 Minutes

Bring your players closer together after they participate in a team meal. Consider inviting friends of the team including school staff, teachers, and advisors to participate.

Custom Workshop          30 Minutes

Don't see a program that meets your exact need? Contact us. We can work with you to create and facilitate a customized program that will meet your expectations. 


Contact us today to enhance the athletic experience for your high school Student Athletes both on and off the court.